Co-created by Hasita Nadai and Robert Lieblein
Rob Lieblein’s biography

We are a circle of yogis and yoginis, we OHHM, 
we bend, we stretch, we play, we meditate, we heal, we massage each other…and…we go on special journeys…and there we discover…

…we discover that the universe and us have a lot of imagination.That the story of the universe is our story.That we are made of stardust.That when Mother Star exploded she created out of nothing all the stuff we are made of.That the sun had to shine on our planet for 5 million years for the first living cells to be born.That we are here by a miracle…Therefore we have millions and millions of earthlings who are our brothers and sisters, even a spider or a tree, or a clump of soil is a sibling…
When we do yoga we can become a Camel, a Cobra, a Tree, a Mountain, a Crane, a Frog…we can become anything we imagine….
When we rest in Shavasana we go on journeys where we find our personal guardian creatures that help us to be loving and generous, that empower us , that protect and heal us and take away our fears.
Before leaving the circle we bow to each other’s heart light and say Jay Baghwan. — “victory to the carriers of the light.”

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