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Hasita has been trained in Buddhist meditation practices. Her daily  practice includes yoga and meditation. Her varied paths have merged into one. As a yoga teacher, she is creating a yoga that raises the awareness of our deep connections to the Universe, and of our power to heal ourselves and the planet: called YOGAGAIA.

In 1990 she became involved in the Deep Ecology movement. She trained with Joanna Macy and follows the teachings of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme where ‘our story’ is the story of the evolving universe, based on science. Since 1992 Hasita has been facilitating courses on Deep Ecology, Voluntary Simplicity, and sustainability, developed by the NW Earth Institute with various groups at the Environmental Protection Agency and at the Rivertown Yoga Center, where since 10 years she has created a Green Yoga Sangha.

Yoga teacher evaluation: from the students who took the course on Yogagaia given at Loyola Marymount University, LA, CA in May 2009:

What were the best qualities of this course:

Dance, dijerido music, HA!


Leader is wonderful!  Great listener! Greatest yoga teacher !


She is amazing, Great Energy & Spirit.


Her enthusiasm is contagious !


Fun! More!


Moving, dancing, learning


A yoga teacher with sparkling eyes


Overall rating of this course:  A from all the students

Kripalu Yoga Teacher January 2007
By Nancy Hirsch/ yoga teacher

I think the site is very good.  Very inspiring!  I was looking for nature related poetry which brought me to your site.  I love the connection to nature.  It’s done in such a spiritual way.  The artwork is great.  Subtle but has great impact.  I will be using some of the poems from your site, it has exactly what I’m looking for.  I think it’s really great!  Got me thinking in a mystical way and inspired to incorporate more nature into my practice and teachings.

First Green Yoga Conference | September 16 -19 , 2005
Pema Osel Ling Monastery

 Santa Cruz Mountains, California

The conference was a great success, Hasita is a great yoga teacher.
Hasita gave four Yogagaia workshops, which were received with great joy.
Many expressed the wish to have more yogagaia sessions for children and adults

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