Kids, meditation & Yoga

Yoga and children, co-created by Hasita Nadai and Robert Lieblein

Yoga and meditation belong in its very nature to pretty much anyone (and anything !) considered being alive and breathing. Not having being initiated and therefore, to have never experience meditation is as odd than it is natural for it to be a life habit. And what ever is natural is a perfect fit for kids because of their open mind, their curiosity, their absorption potential and mostly, their receptiveness. All that considered, yoga and children are a perfect match.

Yoga and children, kids, yoga and meditationKids love to play and they need to move and for most of them, they enjoy exercising like crazy. When they get ask to sit, stay quiet and concentrate, pretty much all of them would opt for something else.

Undoubtedly, quite early in their lifetime, children will need to learn to concentrate and focus. For a lot of them, it’s an important change of mindset and for some, it can be an uncomfortable moment. Yoga and children is a helpful tandem for while such a transition period. And Yogagaia offers it with a cherry on top, the stimulation of the imagination.

Yogagaia’s sessions for kids are educational and beneficial in many ways. One of these, a fundamental one, is the ability to educate children on how to relax, concentrate and focus, while having fun as yoga keeps them on the move. They invent their pose, they concentrate and exercise by learning and discovering how to keep it. Once this is done, they start relaxing and the mind state of relaxation is reached. They then meditate and they are good at it !

So during the time they learn to pay attention and focus, they are on the move and they exercise. Sometimes (quite often !) they fall, so as they are children, well they laugh. They then start back, they help each other, it has them persist, it has them succeed, it has them having fun. But mainly, it has them realize who, where and how they are because this is done through Yogagaia.

Yogagaia’s session for kids is perfect for these creative and curious minds. The dynamic between yoga and children is so natural, it has kids feeling interpelled right away. Needless to say how interested and engaged they become when during the same time, they listen to the great story, the story of each of us. They use their imagination, they realize the power of being conscious, they laugh, they create. they meditate, yoga and children is a real enjoyment.

Yoga and children, by Robert Lieblein:

We are a circle of yogis and yoginis, we OHHM, 
we bend, we stretch, we play, we meditate, we heal, we massage each other and we go on special journeys and there we discover…

We discover that the universe and us have a lot of imagination. That the story of the universe is our story. That we are made of stardust. That when Mother Star exploded she created out of nothing all the stuff we are made of. That the sun had to shine on our planet for 5 million years for the first living cells to be born. That we are here by a miracle. Therefore we have millions and millions of earthlings who are our brothers and sisters, even a spider or a tree, or a clump of soil is a sibling.
When we do yoga we can become a Camel, a Cobra, a Tree, a Mountain, a Crane, a Frog. We can become anything we imagine.
When we rest in Shavasana we go on journeys where we find our personal guardian creatures that help us to be loving and generous, that empowers us, that protects and heals us and take away our fears.
Before leaving the circle we bow to each other’s heart light and say Jay Baghwan. — “victory to the carriers of the light.”

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