Yogagaia’s session: Yoga poses, dance movements, and meditations.

Yogagaia’s Session consist of narrating our story by guiding Yoga poses, dance movements, and meditations. These sessions are sustained by selected pieces of music which are synchronized to the energy of the cosmic events.

Yogagaia Session main graphic, sea eggs

The available Yogagaia sessions are:

  • YOGAGAIA (Birth of the Kosmos, Birth of the Earth, Life Beginnings, Life in the Oceans, the first Tree)
The narrative of our story in words

Yogagaia, the yoga of earth and Kosmic consciousness.

The birth of the cosmos, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – The birth of the Kosmos

Thirteen and a half billion years ago the Kosmos was created…the desire manifested.

I am the Kosmos,… I am made of out of the stuff of the Universe,
matter, body mind and spirit.
I began to manifest with trillions of particles out of emptiness,
The particles that sprang out  expanded fast.  A trillionth of a second faster and we would not be here and we would not be here.

It is a miracle that we are here.

We are made out of the dust of the first stars…

As Kosmos expressed itself in a form of a curvature. That curvature is the creation of time and space. This  Curvature is the Kosmic embrace. The opening of this curvature is where the Kosmos  reates. The Kosmos evolves through play and care. The conscious care and play is the dance of Shiva. It is the dance of transformation.

The birth of the particles, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – Birth of the particles

Fourteen and a half billion we came to be, us the I am the Kosmos. I am made of out of the stuff of the Universe, matter, mind and spirit. We are the particles that manifested out of emptiness. I am matter, I am a particle. OHM…I communicate. We are the first particles…

The energy is hot, I need to move, I am moving  from one place to another, one place to another, this is the SPACE. I am a particle and more are arising. I feel the presence of the other particle,  I am attracted to it.  I am repelled, I am attracted. Am I at the edge of the universe ? We are moving towards the center, we touching the other particles, we slow down, we loose energy, we become sluggish, we are disappearing and oh no, when we bump and touch we both disappear, we cannot occupy the same space at the same time, now we are in a black hole.

The Universe is cooling, new particles arise, we move slower, now I can notice, there is a new particle, I feel pulled toward it…let’s bond, we spin and now we are the very first atom, we are the Hydrogen atom. When we hold together we shine, we are a real star. And stars like other stars form Constellations: constellations join to form galaxies, we all move in space. And there is a pin wheel on one end is Andromeda close to the edge of the universe and the Milky way our home…

Each one of us is a shining star, shining journey in the universe. I shall follow my star…

Thiamat, the supernova, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – Thiamat, the Supernova

We are in the Milky Way. We are six billion years old. Eight billion years ago, there was a star in our Milky way which was the brightest and the biggest. We call it the supernova star, her name is Thiamat .

There is a five pointed glittering star: hydrogen and helium attract each other. The star is getting hotter and hotter, brighter and brighter. The atoms feel attracted to each other. The attraction keeps on increasing, attraction keeps on increasing. Soon the attraction is becoming unbearable. The attraction is becoming unbearable, it is getting hotter and hotter, it is a gravitational attraction, the supernova is still.

Soon the heat is becoming unbearable, the star cannot bear the pressure any longer; she cannot move any more, complete silence, and suddenly…she explodes !
The star transformed into all the elements we find in the milky way. These are the atoms we are made of, atoms with different number of electrons that spin in their own orbits. Electrons that are attached to their nuclei oxygen, carbon, calcium, nitrogen, potassium, molybdenum, mercury, phosphorous, nickel, iron; magnesium, manganate, magnetite. That is the gift of Thiamat, the Supernova in the sky, this is the gift to you and me, to all of us.

Birth of the sun, birth of the earth, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Birth of the Sun

The universe whirls, the stars whirl, every atom whirls, our dance continues on the irreversible spiral.  The universe is an onglong splendor. Nothing ever repeats. We are in a spiral of constant creations. Creation is a probability of an infinite number of possibilities.
The Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy were born together with millions of other galaxies.  The Milky Way contains stellar clouds. A supernova exploded and had sent a wave, that condensed the clouds in the Milky Way. Here are the beginnings of our solar system. We are a dense cloud in the Milky Way. We are nine billion  years old and it happened five billion years ago.  These dense clouds were made of stars. These stars contained hydrogen atoms (one electron);
There were many dense clouds, larger clouds became blue and collapsed into red giant clouds, smaller clouds cooled and become dwarfed stars. There was a solar cloud that went for a 500.000 year journey. This cloud freed itself from the other stellar connections and gathered itself in a state of equilibrium. The central core heated up. Bastrica.  It was getting hot enough to generate its own light.  Hydrogen is converting into Helium (2 electrons).

Hydrogen is converting into Helium. We are the electrons joining to form the Helium. The two electrons rejoice…

Session – Birth of the Earth

The universe whirls, the stars whirl, every atom whirls, the Milky Way is whirling, the sun is whirling our dance continuous on the irreversible spiral.
Come to stillness, every things that is happening are continuous developments of the first Big Bang. Everybody in the universe is co-creating. Evolution is neither random nor predetermined, it is a co-creation.

Earth first beginnings, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Earth first Beginnings

We are ten billion years old. Four and half billion years ago, a chunk of burning rocks fell off from the Sun. This chunk became planet Earth. Planet Earth is  just of the right size. Neither too large to become frozen vapor nor too small to collapse into solid iron. We are in the right balance between gravitational energy and electromagnetic energy.
It is a miracle that we are here.  The crust of the Earth could brake and forming mountains, and basins for the Oceans. For millions of years it rained on the earth. Oceans were formed.
For hundred thousands of years the sun kept bombarding the Earth, with lightening storms: There is the basin of the first ocean, pose, inorganic life starts self-organizing.
Pritivi Namaskara, Greeting the Earth, come to child pose…listen to your breath.

Birth of the Moon, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – Birth of the moon

Us the earth four billion years ago were already dancing around the sun. We had light during the day and darkness during the night. The sun is our light and life energy.
The earth – us is shaking slightly just listen to the breath – we are hit by a meteor in the front from the back, and a chunk of rock fell off the earth…it is the Moon…and the earth that shaped the forms and life on planet earth.

Life beginnings, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Life Beginnings

Mysterious events are happening. There is only organic matter, there is a movement – the matter is self organizing. In the basin of the first Ocean. Inorganic matter is lining up mysteriously.
A miracle happened, sun and earth awakened, Earth’s life elements self organized (autopoiesis) indeed we are here by a miracle !
Prokaria, the chemical act of creating life, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Prokaria

She was created the first cell to receive the power of memory. Prokaria remembered the chemical act of creating life only with the slightest sliver of energy I was there and you were there. Exploring life on the bottom of the first oceans my energy is dissipating…life experiment might vanish on planet earth (Procaryote).
Prokaria ran out of energy and she transmuted into…

Prometheus, the light is converted into energy, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Prometheus

He took the photon from the sun light and converted it into energy, he gulped fire…
I was there and you were there.
And Prometheus ran out of hydrogen and only the poisonous oxygen was left in the atmosphere, the earth was setting itself up on fire.

Eukaria, first life in the ocean, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Eukaria

Prometheus muted into Eukaria, she used oxygen. Eukaria invented respiration: I was there and you were there.

All is in the ocean, sparse, microscopic only single lonely cells are rolling in the oceans. Cells formed partners formed colonies, organisms and million of diverse creatures. I was there and you were there.

First life in the Oceans. We are in the depth of the first ocean, we roll from side to side, moved by the waves, small currents and it’s quiet. All is quiet, the light is dim, you start to see the first shapes, eyes came to be in the depths of the oceans. The universe saw itself. Sounds are being heard, ears came to be in the depth of the oceans, the universe hears itself. The algae were created, and one algae landed on the soil-less continents…it grew roots.

Capaneus, surrounded by beauty, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Capaneus the first tree

Do you remember the first tree Capaneus ? I was there and you were there.
A forest was created. Life on planet earth differentiated, diversified. Forty thousand years ago, the  human species (homo sapiens) came to be when our planet was at its best: the Earth was inhabited by the flowering plants, trees, singing birds and howling wolves, as we see them today and look each other in the eyes.
The human spirit is too weak, it needs to be surrounded by beauty.

DInosaurs, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Dinosaurs

Seventy Five million years ago, I the earth had huge creatures walking over me. I was covered with huge trees that had big shiny leaves. It was warm, and I was covered with millions of insects, and small rodents. I am seeing the sun bringing light over me and a dinosaur is laying on the bare soil…no grass yet.

I am the dinosaur, laying on one side of my body and feel the first sun ray touching one eye, i move my eye to the right and to the left and up and down. I see my huge gray horn through which I breathe.
During the day the dinosaurs ruled the day the mini mammels ruled the night.
Sixty Five million years ago the great Meteor hit the Earth. She roared with earthquakes and fire, then went dark and cold. Every single dinosaur died.

Our ancestors the mini mammals right after the great meteor sixty five million years ago survived:

I am the earth and I still tremble, all the dinosaurs are dead. I am the earth and still tremble after the hit of the meteor, it is freezing cold and I shiver – I the earth still circle around my axis and I still orbit around the sun.

There is still life on me, yeah, my little creatures. We are the tiny night creatures and have hardly any food left . There is something to eat…the frozen dinosaurs. I do not lay eggs like my grandma did Humm- I feel full of energy. I carry my babies inside my belly, a miracle, look there are eight new me born now.
Us the babies cannot see, we lay on the back, we see nothing we have no energy, we will not make it. Mammals on planet earth will vanish.
I the mom: “my babies will die” something is happening, I feel a warm sticky liquid running down my belly: This is the food for my babies: Milk! The ancestors made it! We humans are here…it is a miracle that we are here !

Evolution of desires, Yogagaia's sessionsSession – Evolution of desires

The life prana manifested as the evolving desires of life.

Thirteen and a half billion years ago, out of the immense emptiness, Purusha, an energy of desire to manifest…emerged.
The Kosmos manifested in Energy (Pracriti). Everything in this universe whirls, from the first particles to the atoms to the stars to the planets.
We the universe are journeying on an irreversible spiral. We are moving toward greater differentiations,  greater diversities, and greater complexities. We are a communion of subjects.
From the first star dust we became galaxies, our galaxy came to be: the milky way and the sun came to be and the earth came to be, and life manifested. I was there and you were there. We all dance on our own, the dance of the universe, the dance toward higher consciousness. let’s celebrate not just the seasons celebrate the evolving universe!

Evolving into the reptile brain, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – The evolving into the reptile brain

I am many billion years old and there are many creatures in my oceans. And about five million years ago, a number of marine creatures became eager to explore the continent. I am the fish that finds the ocean too crowded and filled with predators, I want to come out. I the ocean creature. I feel my fins are changing shape, they bend, they can press down and I can lift my head trying to reach the continent. I cannot breathe the air – now I can breathe. I am half up on the continent I can crawl forward – I am (what humans call) a reptile. I can see in all directions, roll eyes, Dristi, I have a most special brain the lizard brain. Yes and I passed on to the humans for them it is the stem of the brain. This new tissue of mine commands my desires: – I am hungry – Cobra – I have the desire for a male – a female – I want to live:   I poison my enemy. I hide – curl (I eat, reproduce and survive) – I see only one egg behind me, the others must have been eaten up. I am lucky there is something elongated out of my scull in the back is my brain the Lizard brain...i can only be in the present moment.

Little fuzzy mammalian brain, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – Little fuzzy mammalian brain

Big Bang—What was that ? Something has hit this planet,  yippy !
Those monsters are all dead, humans call them “dinosaurs”. I keep on transforming, I am not the lizard any more, as later the humans named me. I transmuted, I am an other creature, I look so different. Everything is so much bigger than me. I am small and warm. I have a fuzzy fur, I have big teeth and a wonderful mustache, later I was named by the humans:  little mouse. I do not lay eggs. Oh my…out of my body are coming out tiny little me. Lie on your back, I cannot see, I cannot eat. Mother mouse sees her little ones dying…our ancestors almost did not make it. I am mother mouse, my babies will die – release arms – something is happening, I feel a warm sticky liquid running down my belly, this the food for my babies, I have the desire to take care and to nurse.  I am the little fuzzy ones, my body received the little fuzzy mammalian brain.
I like this berry, it smells good. Ok to left that male I do not like he stinks. I received the gift of emotions and the gift to dream.

Dreaming my emotions transform, vanish.
The little fuzzy mammalian brain is the limbic brain. Us humans have that brain too. We are mammals.

The Big Ape, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – The Big Ape

We keep on transmuting we evolved further. I am a big Ape now, my little fuzzy mammalian brain received an additional piece, that humans named neocortex, it is the mammalian brain, even the Dolphins own it.

We are discovering the qualities of the Mammalian Brain. I desire to communicate, my mind chatters, it does not stop, it calculates, it gossips, it builds scenarios, it chooses… I am not in the present moment…

The higher purpose brain, Yogagaia's sessions
Session – The Higher Purpose Brain

We keep on evolving. Another piece of the brain evolved out of the neocortex, the frontal lobes…i am gifted with the the higher purpose brain I can choose consciously, choose to follow my lizard desires, the little fuzzy mammalian desires or mammalian desires or my higher purpose desires. I can override all my automatic and instantaneous desires. My frontal lobes are my switchboard. My new desires become intentions.

We co-create, we are engaging in the evolutionary process itself, the ultimate desire, we have a witness consciousness. We have the desire to know us, the universe, the desire to know our story, our origin.
We are seen by all the other beings in the universe.

“The small self of the individual finds its Great Self in the Universe.” 
Thomas Berry



Exerpts from Brian Swimme


Space time foam, pure generativity. Each thing begins as a cloud or bundle of possibilities ..then if actualizes and comes into form. As it emerges, it refines itself into definite being. (David Bohm).

Basically, you are the realm that gave birth to the universe, seamlessness pure generativity.

Out of the Seamlessness  all these powers emerge…like chords of music

Centration: energy from the birth of the universe. We are 99.99 % made out of the first foam.

Allurment: how the universe holds together, gravity, electromagnetic forces, communities.

Emergence: the universe is not a place, it is a story, an ongoing creative event, how do we act out this power?

Homeostasis: the universe hold what is valuable..(it is the power of healing, my take)

Cataclysm: (Kali) The Universe systematically destroys some of its achievements…necessary for creativity.

Synergy: Ever more advanced forms of complexity depend on cooperation, collaboration, working together.

Transmutation: The universe keeps transcending itself, it is a self transcending reality. We must adapt to it.

Transformation: is change in an entire new society. Qualitatively more spectacular achievements.

Interrelatedness: a dimension that evolves itself into care. Nurturing.

Radiance: How the universe houses magnificence. Our role is to house the depths of magnificence, to taste the universe in the depth of its beauty.

The Book of Secrets – Deepak Chopra

Yogi’s ethical codes are written in our cells.*

Identifying with Body’s Intelligence – Deepak Chopra

Facts of daily existence at the level of the cell:

HIGHER PURPOSE: Every cell in your body agrees to work for the welfare of the whole.  Selfishness is not an option. Karma yoga

COMMUNION: A cell keeps in touch with every other cell. Withdrawing or refusing to communicate is not an option. Communnicating

AWARENESS: Cells adapt from moment to moment.  They remain flexible. Getting caught in rigid habits is not an option. Unconditioned

ACCEPTANCE: Cells recognize each other as equally important.  Every function in the body is interdependent with every other. Doing it alone is not an option. Selfless

CREATIVITY: Although every cell a set has of unique functions these combine in creative ways. Clinging to old behavior is not an option. Evolving

BEING: Cells obey the universal cycle of rest and activity.  In the silence of inactivity, the future of the body is incubating. Being obsessively active or aggressive is not an option. Sattwa

EFFICIENCY: Cells function with the smallest expenditure of energy. Excessive consumption of food, air, or water is not an option. Contentment – Sustainability

BONDING: Due to their common genetic inheritance, cells know that they are fundamentally the same. For them being an outcast is not an option. Sangha

GIVING: The primary activity of a cell is giving. Hoarding is not an option. Generosity

IMMORTALITY: Cells reproduce in order to pass on their knowledge, experience, and talents. This is a kind of practical immortality, submitting to death on the physical plane but defeating it on the non physical. The generation gap is not.


The Book of Secrets – Deepak Chopra

The scriptures are written in our cells, yogi’s ethical codes.

We are all created equal, it is true psychic dimension.


Identifying with Body’s Intelligence – Deepak Chopra

Facts of daily existence at the level of the cell: HIGHER PURPOSE: Every cell in your body agrees to work for the welfare of the whole.   Selfishness is not an option. Karma yoga

* Hasita’s interpretation

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