Rob Lieblein’s biography

Robert Lieblein is an Environmental Educator and Yoga Teacher. Rob views the practice and teaching of yoga as a very natural complement to this work, believing that yoga’s inward focus helps to break down the superficial boundary between the individual and the greater cosmos.

Robert Lieblein is an Environmental Educator and Yoga Teacher. He holds an MA from NYU in Environmental Education and has developed and taught programs for students and teachers at the Central Park Conservancy, the American Museum of Natural History, and currently at Wave Hill in the Bronx.
His work as an educator emphasizes the value of direct connection with the natural environment as a key component in fostering the academic growth of students and teachers alike. In addition such experiences also help to develop what Rachel Carson described as the “sense of wonder,” which leadsto deeper inquiries about the world and one’s relationship to it.
Rob views the practice and teaching of yoga as a very natural complement to this work, believing that yoga’s inward focus helps to break down the superficial boundary between the individual and the greater cosmos.
He finds great joy in sharing both the scientific and spiritual perspectives of our world with others.

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