Meditation, yoga and science

Some practice meditation since ever, some just started, some eventually will. Nonetheless, many want and many plan to start one day…and time passes by. Being that, pretty much all meditation adepts will notice they cannot do without it, it’s a life habit, a need, a benefit, an easy and unlimited reward. But still…what is meditation ?

It’s everything. It’s medecine for your mind, it’s taking care of your body, of your spirit and it’s…easy. It’s easy because you kind of do nothing but waiting until you meditate.
When do you know if you are in a meditation state ? Well, you just know it, mainly after. You know that you know it, because you want to do it back, anytime, almost anywhere.
And then if you try to put words on it, you get to tell yourself: Well, it’s…everything.
It seems like it’s just a matter of being alive to fit with meditation, it’s as intrinsic as eating, sleeping, moving, thinking. It becomes so necessary, you get to wonder if it’s not addictive.

White open lotus flower meditation

Redacted by Alex – Yogagaia contributor, co-creator of Yogagaia

Considering the positive aspects of mediation, it is not surprising to realize how the  practice can be well integrated in most culture, it is also intuitive and accessible to everyone. Culture being what it is, lots of us feel drawn to understand in a rational way. Lots of us think of meditaton as an abstract concept. It may seem like it when we try to understand it, it stops being so when you experience it. But hey, what better than science to rationalize things ? Although the quest should not aim at measuring the benefits in a  tangible way especially on a short period, lots of studies have been run about meditation and these are very interesting. As a result of this cultural aspect, those studies are and were held over the past decades and are demonstrating these benefits in a…tangible way !

Meditation as far as your health…

Meditation can improve your health by enhancing your immune and behavioral responses to psychosocial stress , by supporting modulation of pain.
Mindfulness training, compared to a well-matched control condition, is a better buffer of the effects of psychological stress on neurogenic inflammation.

Mediation can make you happier…

Praticed daily, it increases positive emotions, which, in turn, produced increases in a wide range of personal resources, improving life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms. At the same time, it helps decreasing ruminative thinking or depression and benefits was also demonstrated for mood and anxiety disorders.

It fuels our needs as far as the social animals that we are…

Although many will appreciate meditating in group, meditation is often exercised solitarily. One way or another, it improves our social connectedness, and our emotional intelligence. It contributes in feeling less lonely and it enhances compassion.

Increases self-control and has you look within…

By regulating our emotions, mediation helps calming the mind, it leads to a very important aspect: introspection. We often think about paying attention as the observation of things around us, but how about within ? Meditation is your tool for your inner mission, it’s the kind of habit which makes people feel happy even when stucked in traffic !

Mediation and your brain…

It’s weight lifting for the brain. Although much more could be demontrate as far as meditation making you smarter, as far on, all leads to think that it can. Meditation practice has been shown not only to benefit higher-order cognitive functions but also to alter brain activity.

Is doing nothing really worthy ?

Meditation could seem like it’s kind of doing nothing…it’s not very far from it ! So if meditating is doing nothing, there are lots of benefits to pull from doing nothing.
It improves your productivity by helping you focusing and enhancing your attention spam as mindfulness training modifies subsystems of attention.

Mediation, stress and memory…

As meditation lowers levels of stress and improves memory for the tasks to be performed; it can also help switching tasks less often therfore remaining focused on tasks longer. Meditation practice promotes executive functioning and the ability to sustain attention by reducing fatigue, anxiety, and increasing mindfulness. For this reason, it significantly improves working memory, and executive functioning.

All things considered, meditation helps to clean up your house and getting somewhere. It’s a tune-up for the brain, it unes your consciousness. It increases your ability to exploit your talent and your creativity. We don’t have much control over dynamics surrounding ourselves as much as we have over those in ourselves.

Meditation through the teachings of Yogagaia…

Yogagaia is the practice of meditation, through yoga. It is the yoga of earth and Kosmic counsciousness. Meditation is everything symbolizes Yogagaia. Yogagaia has you step out of the box and realize the link between your inner selves and the ecology surrounding you, it reminds how deeply we are connected to the planet. Once we get a grip over this immensity, we therefore realize the meaning of: it’s everything.

Yogagaia invites you to connect to the earth by embracing different meditation sessions. Following the teaching of Yogagaia, you can connect to the earth, consciously.

The following meditations are proposed to you graciously and much more is provided through the teaching of Yogagaia.


I am the Kosmos, I am made of out of the stuff of the Universe, matter, mind and spirit. I began to manifest with trillions of particles out of emptiness: time and space manifested. The particles that sprang out expanded fast. A trillionth of a second faster and we would not be here..A trillionth of a second slower and we would not be here. Is it a coincidence that we are here? We are made out of the dust of the first stars…, I am made out of star dust…

by Hasita




Come to a comfortable seated position. Pronounce the curvature of the lower back. Inhale and open the arms to shoulder level. Exhale, round the arms and bring them in front of you. It is a wide embrace where the fingers do not meet. Inhale and open the arms… exhale, embrace…Continue opening and closing the Kosmic embrace. As Kosmos created time and space, the Kosmos curved. The Curvature is the Kosmic embrace. The opening of this curvature is where the Kosmos creates. The Kosmos evolves through care and play. The conscious care and play is the dance of Shiva, the dance of transformation


THICH NAHT HANH | Excerpts • The Sun My Heart

Meditation is a guide to inner peace. We can simply sit and bring a smile to our faces, and breath in and out slowly and deeply. Our thoughts and feelings flow like a river. If we try to stop the flow of a river, we will meet resistance of the water. Life is smoother when we flow with it.


When the sun shines on a flower and leaves, it shows its shape and color and it is the natural manifestation of plants.

When the sun shines on a wave, the wave sparkles, it is the natural expression of the ocean.

When the sunshine of awareness shines on our river of perceptions feelings, and thoughts they are the natural expression of the self.

We cannot suppress them, because they exist!

The sun of awareness originates in the heart of self.
It enables the self to illuminate the self.
It lights not only all thoughts and feelings present.
It lights itself as well.
Elements of awareness are concentration and understanding, together they are both the intensity of awareness and the fruit of awareness.


As you sit allow these phrases to flow with the in and out breath.

Breathing in, I calm my body 
Breathing out, my body is at peace.
Allow the sunshine of awareness to shine on the inner river of thoughts, perceptions and emotions.
At the end of this meditation:
Open the eyes and look at the blue sky and say:
“This is me too”…becoming aware of “inter-being”.

It means to be full of everything, but empty of a separate existence.

Inspired by Thich Naht Hanh • The Sun, My Heart
The Art of Living

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  • October 23, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Whenever you feel lost, distracted, inconstant… just sit in stability and meditate in him… soon you’ll find light as well as way… both


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