Hasita, Agi

Hasita is a RYT, certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and an Energy Medicine Healer. She is a deep ecologist, biologist and geologist. Hasita has been roaming the natural world as a mountaineer, canoer, skier, and geologist. She has been journing the innerworld  through yoga and meditation. She is creating Yogagaia where through the practice of yoga our deep connection to the planet is revealed.

Hasita/ Agi Nadai was born in Vienna, Austria, grew up in Italy and immigrated to the USA in 1953.

Her deep connection with Nature started in her early childhood. She realized that during the fugitive years from the Nazi’s where her parents lost everything had their spirit strengthened by the love for her,  the only child and the beauty of nature.  She has spent most of her life enjoying Nature through mountaineering, trekking, skiing, and canoeing.

The desire to investigate Nature in all its dimensions led her to earn a Master’s Degree in Cell Physiology at Columbia University; and in 1987 to a Master’s Degree in Geology at the City University of NY. She taught and did research in both fields.

She recently retired, as a project manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.   In 1987 Hasita became involved in Yoga. She is a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher and has been teaching since 1994 at the Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health for adults and children. She teaches yoga privately and also as a substitute in other centers. Hasita gives YOGAGAIA workshops to various audiences and regularly to Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training programs.

In 1990 she became involved in the Deep Ecology movement. She trained with Joanna Macy and follows the teachings of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme where ‘our story’ is the story of the evolving universe, based on science.  Since 1992 Hasita has been facilitating courses on Deep Ecology, Voluntary Simplicity, and sustainability, developed by the NW Earth Institute with various groups at the Environmental Protection Agency and at the Rivertown Yoga Center, where since 10 years she has created a Green Yoga Sangha.

Since 1994 Hasita has been involved in the energetic healing arts. She is a Reiki Master and is trained in Energy Medicine Healing as taught by Jacque Tombazian. Hasita is Vice President of the Global Healing Foundation and she gives healing sessions at her home and long distance.

Hasita has been trained in Buddhist meditation practices. Her daily  practice includes yoga and meditation.

Hasita’s varied paths have merged into one. She is creating a yoga that raises the awareness of our deep connections to the Universe, and of our power to heal ourselves and the planet: called YOGAGAIA.

She is a Board Member of the Green Yoga Association and of the Metta Earth Institute.

She has a daughter Serena, who is a Special Education Teacher and a grand-daughter Kyra who roamed with ‘nonna’ the outside and insight worlds.

Hasita leads Yogagaia and Hiking program  in the Italian Alps, with an other yoga teacher of the Green Yoga Association, David Lurey.