Ecology of Yoga, May 2016

Ecology of Yoga program is organized by Metta Earth Institute from May 20 – June 4, 2016.
During the event, Hasita is co-teaching the Ecology of Yoga trainings through Yogagaia, from May 20- 29.

Read more from Metta Earth Institute for complete information about the program.


Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners come and experience the Ecology of Yoga Leadership Intensive  at Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, Vermont.

A synthesis of deep ecology, yoga asana, and evolutionary cosmology.  As a potently embodied practice, participants discover a way of knowing science that taps into cellular consciousness and creative imagination in order to deepen a sense of care and reverence for Earth and its inhabitants. The natural activism arising from this practice promises a much deeper sense of commitment to sustainability than is normally achieved through reading or academic study. Each day of practice elucidates the grand evolution of the universe story and brings us to the experience of being human in relationship to this full ecological perspective.

• The Birth of the Kosmos
• The Birth of Tiamat (the Supernova)
• The Birth of the Sun
• The Birth of the Earth & the Moon
• Beginning of Life & the Birth of the Creatures
• Evolution of Desires: The Human
• Integration and Deepening of these Processes
• Preparation for Interbeing Celebration