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Join Hasita Nadai & Brahmani Liebman for Yogagaia:

Yoga & Hiking in the Italian Alps
Cheneil, Italy – July 20 – 28, 2013

Out of our deep desire to teach together and share our love of Yoga & life we are joining this year in the dramatic setting of Cheneil, Italy for an exploration of body, mind and spirit. We will be nestled in a small mountain village which sits in the verdant meadow of a glacial bowl in the Alps, on the Italian side of the Matterhorn.
Simply being in this majestic, natural setting allows for a deep transformational experience. That, combined with the practices of Yoga, Meditation & Hiking invites a deep recognition of our connection to the cosmos.

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Hasita & Brahmani have walked the path of Yoga together since 1990.

Hasita NadaiHasita Nadai, MA Biology, MS Geology, RYT-500, has been teaching Kripalu yoga since 1994 for adults and children. As a teacher and researcher in geology and biology she has created Yogagaia which reconnects our life to the life of the planet. Hasita has been roaming the Alps for 55 years and has organized trips and led hikes in the Cheneil area.

Brahmani Liebman, MSEd, ERYT-500, is Founder and Director of The Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health in Dobbs Ferry, New York. She is a Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher & Trainer and part of the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training team. In addition, Brahmani is co-creator of JOURNEY INTO YOGA LLC a Yoga Alliance School (YAS), which offers Yoga Teacher Trainings in the Kripalu tradition, 500 hour trainings, workshops and yoga and meditation retreats worldwide.Brahmani Liebman
Brahmani has been teaching Yoga since 1989 and brings over 35 years of exploration, studies and experience in yoga, meditation, consciousness & complementary healing modalities. She opened The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health’s doors in 1992, and has balanced her full-time responsibilities there with her deep commitment to family as a wife, mother and grandmother. Brahmani, believing in people’s ability to access their healing and inner knowing, offers tangible and sustainable ways to live a spiritual life.,


Cheneil is a very small mountain village in the Italian Alps, sitting in a glacially carved out bowl, 2001 m high and it is above the tree line. Cheneil is located on the Italian side of the Matterhorn (Cervino in Italian). From Milano one drives up the Val d’Aosta, the valley located in Central Italian d’Aosta leads into a narrow valley called Valtournanche, which holds an ancient town also called Valtournanche. Cheneil is a “suburb” of Valtournanche. It is above and beyond the ridge of the eastern flank of Valtournanche . It consists of a few homes and an ancient hotel, the Hotel Panorama Bich.

In Cheneil there are no roads and no car; there are green Alpine meadows colored with wild flowers, interspersed with murmuring brooks and protected by an arch of high mountains. Beyond these mountains are the gigantic glaciers of the Alps and if weather permits the Matterhorn, the giant of the Valley is visible. Typically one would drive up the Val d’Aosta from Milano. The main winding mountain road forks into a narrow steeper, winding road that leads to Cheneil. The road ends at a large parking lot next to a miniwaterfall with a trail leading to paradise. There is a little cable car that only transports the luggage. The walk is about 15 to 20 minutes long. There is huffing and puffing, mainly because of the altitude.


The days in Cheneil will be woven together by yoga, meditation, walking, breathing, eating, playing painting and celebrating. There will be some guided time for landscape painting in the mountains, emphasizing process over product.
No former training is necessary to enjoy “deep seeing”, a meditation that helps us be more present observers and chroniclers of the world we are so much part of, and is a part of us. Walking in the mountains and exploring inside ourselves will be the core activities. We will surrender to the alpine weather which will determine our daily programs. We will explore the wild alpine flowers and their ecosystems. We will charge our systems with oxygen, which after two weeks will be maintained in our body for at least one year.

These mountains have many stories to tell us about their origin and evolution through millions of years. They harbor many human dramas as well. One of these, the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, is a human drama with heroes and victims (I will tell the story for an evening event). We will be in contact with the inhabitants of Cheneil and get to know their lovely families, and all their pets, including horses. The homemade food is exquisite Northern Italian Cuisine.




We will discover through yoga, meditation, pranyama and walking in the mountains that our body and the earth are temples of the divine.
We will explore our deep connection to the universe.
We will enhance our connection to the natural beauty that surrounds us and learn that the process of painting can be a form of meditation through working with watercolors in the landscape in the open air.
We will realize that through our eyes the universe sees itself, that through our consciousness the universe becomes conscious of itself.
When we do yoga in the mountains, the richness of sensations is planted deep inside us.
When in silence in the mountains we experience the moment fully.
On the mountain, to be in the moment is effortless, the witness disappears and …we become one.

It will be the practice of the silence of the mind that will take us to the highest peaks of experience.

Cheneil-fleurWhile immersing ourselves in natural beauty we will learn to discover our own beauty.
When we realize how we are deeply connected to the planet, our lives transform and our commitments evolve.

We will reawaken our sense of wonder.
We will realize the sacredness of all of life: the rights of the rivers, of the mountains, of the glaciers, of the grass, of the flowers, the marmots, the wildlife.