What is Yogagaia ?

Freshly bloomed flower, metaphorical image of immensity and the Kosmic beauty.

Yogagaia is the yoga of earth and Kosmic consciousness, cosmic with a K as cosmos with a K, as defined by Ken Wilber is the sum total of reality, 
including matter, body, mind and spirit. It was created and is managed by Hasita Agathe Nadai commonly called Agi. She is creating Yogagaia where through the practice of yoga our deep connection to the planet is revealed. Yogagaia reminds us all that we are connected to the planet and the cosmos, and that we have to beware of it, by finding our place and knowing who we are on planet earth.


(Kosmos with the K, as defined by Ken Wilber is the sum total of reality, 
including matter, body, mind and spirit)

“As in the atom so in the universe; as in the body so in the Kosmic body; as in the 
human mind so in the Kosmic mind.” — Upanishads

“The small self of the individual finds its Great Self in the Universe.” Thomas Berry

Pathless Path:

Yogagaia is the path toward Earth and Kosmic consciousness. This path mirrors the archetypal myth of the Great Journey.


Along the irreversible evolutionary spiral of the Kosmos, the Kosmic Dance of Shiva is mirrored in the archetypal relationship of Rebirth with Death. Not only of life forms through the eons, but also of ancestral stars who birthed all the atoms of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and calcium that now compose our bodies, yet whose explosive deaths were essential for the recycling of those very atoms back into the Kosmos.


The Sanga is the entire Earth Community, and it mirrors the archetypal myth of the Kosmic Tree and the Tree of Life. The tree is the expression of the organic unity of the universe, especially of Earth in its integral reality.


In calling for service to all beings, including, atoms, rocks,  rivers, mountains..  it mirrors the archetypal myth of the nurturing love of the Great Mother.

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