A YogaGaia Journey with Hasita Nadai

Dear Friends,
At the zenith of summer we invite you to Metta Earth for a wonderful weekend retreat…A YogaGaia Journey with Hasita Nadai, who brings zest, playfulness, and reconnection to the wild intelligence of the cosmos. With yoga, the story of the universe, and the beauty of the gardens, farm, and land of Metta Earth, Hasita inspires hope and guidance for the well being of all.

Come and immerse yourself and be inspired by the pastoral beauty of the land at Metta Earth Institute, a perfect place to explore the loving-kindness story of our planet.

Through yoga poses, story telling , meditations and reflections we will discover the universe story: our story, propelled by the afterglow of the big bang.

We will discover that the evolutionary impulse, is ultimately our own true nature.

Delight in the opportunity to find your own yogic expression of our evolutionary story.

Retreat begins:
Friday, August 17th at 4pm to settle in, 5pm for an orientation to the land, the farm, and the gardens at Metta Earth, 6pm for a light supper, followed by the evening program.

Retreat ends:
Sunday, August 19th at 2pm after lunch.

Program: Teachings are offered by donation only. Suggested donation is $125.00. We do not want anyone to be turned away due to lack of funds.

Meals: $75 for the weekend including lunch on Sunday.

Lodging: Ranges from $25 for shared yurt space to $90 for private room/night.
For more information & registration:
info@mettaearth.org or 802.453.8111

Warm welcome!
The Metta Earth Team

Metta Earth Institute
802 453 8111