Explore the mystery of our true self.

Where are we coming from ? Explore the mystery of your true self.

Saturday – March 9th – 1:30 – 4:30 • South Presbyterian Church • 343 Broadway Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Where are we coming from ? Who are we ? Where are we going ? Through yoga, meditations, dance and celebrations, Yogagaia guides us to the awakening of our Evolutionary Journey.

Where are we coming from ?

Yogagaia is the practice of yoga and meditation interlinked with ecology and the planet earth, the Yoga of Earth. It focuses on awakening ourselves and the others as far as how we are grounded to the planet and asks: “Where are we coming from ? It is the practice of Yoga with our mind, our body and our spirit focused on the natural energy surrounding us. Having in mind that we are all made of star dust, that we are all made of the stuff that form the universe and the cosmos, that we are all part of this evolution deeply connected to the evolution of the planet earth, Yogagaia carries a way of thinking, a philosophy that integrates in our life style as a way of being that benefits everyone around us, including ourselves. In the same fashion we transcend time, Yogagaia does also. It is an organic movement aimed at unifying the people around nature and planet earth: Gaia.

As a reminder of the deep question where are we coming from as a human species on the planet earth, Agi has developped Yogagaia to help us reconnect with the history of the Universe. Through the practice of Yoga and meditation, Yogagaia defines itself as a teaching of our own story, the story of all, the story of the Kosmos. Therefore, it is just to describe it as the Yoga of Earth and Kosmic Consciousness. Yogagaia empowers us to become conscious co-creators of our evolving planet.

So where are we coming from ?

Yogagaia reminds us of it through the telling of our story, the story of the universe, explain through yoga, danc, meditation and adapted yoga poses. It tells about who we are, and where we are going as a human species but mainly, that we are a mode of planet Earth !

Hasita is the creator of Yogagaia, a deep ecologist, Reiki Master and practices Energetic Medicine Healing.

NY Directions to South Presbyterian:

FROM ARDSLEY OR SAW MILL: at Stop & Shop go up the hill one block. At the top of the hill South Presbyterian is on the right.

FROM HASTINGS: One block before Stop & Shop on your left, opposite Clinton Ave. PARKING: On Broadway, Clinton Ave. or behind the Church

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