Yogagaia in Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, Italy

Yoga Vacation at Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, Italy • June 29 to July 8, 2012

An island off the island, from the earth of Sardinia.


This program is open to adults, families and children over six years old.

Yogagaia in Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, Italy

Sant’Antioco is draped by a typical mediterranean terrane of warm scents over gentle hills,  characterized by endemic species as the dwarf palm of Sant’Antioco.

The land consists of multicolored volcanic rocks shaped by time, witnessing its geologic history and rich of archeological sites revealing artifacts of the first human inhabitants and their colonization thousands of years ago.

The blue green sea is received by the coast of high cliffs, and gentle  bays with sparking coral sand beaches, easily accessible by trails or roads. Ideal for regenerative swims and snorkeling.

On the land, herds of sheep and goats graze undisturbed the wild herbs and berries. Their milk produce the most delicious cheeses which we will savor with other special products of that land.

It faces the Cala di Sapone Bay, from where we can admire the immensity of the sea and the enchanted sun sets.

We will discover through yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), and swimming  that our body and the earth are temples of the divine.
We will explore our deep connection to the universe.
We will enhance our connection to the natural beauty that surrounds us.

It will be the practice of the silence of the mind that will take us to the deepest  peaks of experience.
While immersing ourselves in natural beauty we will learn to discover our own beauty.

Through yogagaia we will be exposed to our story,
from the beginning of the universe to us today.
We will realize how we are deeply connected to the planet,
our lives will transform and our commitments evolve.

We will reawaken our sense of wonder.

We will realize the sacredness of all of life: the rights of the rivers, of the soil, of the flowers, of all beings of all dimensions.



The days in Sant’ Antioco will consist of yoga, meditation, breathing, swimming, walking, eating and celebrating and a free time.

We will have possibilities to participate to guided archeological tours which will reveal us the human history and the mysteries of the region, to boat trips,  to hikes along the coast which will expose us to enchanted landscapes and to the City of Sant Antioco.

Professional Thai massage treatments  and reflexology by Cristina Carboni will be available during  free time.



COST PER PERSON: 950 EURO per person

Registration: 30% downpayment due on April 15. Full amount to be paid after April 15.
There will be a discount of 100 Euros if paid before March 30.

The price includes accommodations with three meals, the yogagaia daily programs for 8 full days and 2 half days (arrival and departure).

The accommodations consist of shared rooms for two and shared bathrooms. Few  individual accommodations are available at extra cost.

Menu: Three vegetarian meals consisting of fresh local seasonal foods with occasional dinners with fresh fish and poultry and we will be savoring several typical Sardinian dishes.

Lunch and Dinner will be served at the restaurant at the nearby camping site, while breakfast at the premise.

At the time of registration let us know of special dietary requirements.


Hasita She has an MA in Biology and an MS in Geology. She is a professional 500 Hour Kripalu RYT and a Deep Ecologist.  She has  been  teaching yoga since 1994 for adults and children.  As a teacher and researcher in  the earth sciences she has created Yogagaia which reconnects our life to the life of the planet. She has been roaming mountains and oceans through the world and since her teens she has been sharing  her love for the planet by guiding scouts, campers, college students, friends and yogis to these natural beauties.

Marco Mantegzza,  certified Yoga teacher at the Yogamarga  school. He is an Ayurvedic and Thai massage health practitioner and reflexologist. In 2008,  he and Cristina Carboni founded Fior di Loto, the Center for Natural Esthetics and Oriental Disciplines.  Marco is a pacifist and ecologist and shares Yogagaia’s principles based on evolution.   He believes that the  human, as the most evolved species on this planet,  carries  the  responsibility to preserve the life of all beings.

Cristina Carboni

is  a  certified esthetician since 1987,  an  Ayurvedic practitioner and Thai massage and reflexology instructor.

She  has practiced   Yoga since 1995 and believes that the pursue of beauty starts within.  Her work  promotes an experiential path that addresses  the whole person and guides  one  toward a positive transformation.