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ethical baby clothing marlene-bIn this day and age, our consumer choices have become the most important political statements we can make daily. In that spirit and as far as ethical baby clothing, I believe it is essential that we choose products embodying values of environmental respect and fair trade. Only then can we all work together to improve the way business is done and become responsible consumers.

Commercializing ethical baby clothing is challenging and building a business along ethical lines is a reward in itself. The relationship between doing the right thing and succeeding is something both academics and business leaders have tried to define for years with little consensus reached.  The world is suffering through a crippling economic downturn made worse by unscrupulous business practices. The vast disparity between corporations and their customers has made ethical business practices an extremely relevant issue.

Marlene-b is aware of this reality and realizes the importance of acting and thinking in an ethical way. Broadcasting this transformation to customers and Yogagaia’s readers and followers is natural and spontaneous for her. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through certain marketing practices like promoting her intentions on platform like this one and by making efforts to advertise more ethically, it reflects positively on every area of her business.

Marlene-b is aware that children consume huge amounts of advertising without being able to evaluate it objectively. Exploiting children’s innocence is one of the most common unethical marketing practices. The reason marlene-b sees relevant end legitimate to promote her initiative with her own new born baby is because as she is now a mother, she feels not only devoted to her beloved child but also to the cause of promoting ethical baby clothing like the one she created. Her new status is now her new driving force.

Yogagaia is proud to promote initiatives that shape our world in an ethical way and beleives that who embodies the spirit of ethic deserves to be considered as heros of our time. Have a look at a magnificent ethical baby clothing intitiative by marlene-b.

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