Meditating and Hiking in The Italian Alps – July, 2008

Yoga meditating and hiking in the Italian Alps

Yoga, meditating and hiking in The Italian Alps with Hasita Nadai and David Lurey. Cheneil Italy – July 11 – 21, 2008
Join us for an exploration of body, mind and spirit in the dramatic setting of Cheneil (italian description), a small mountain village which sits in the verdant meadow of a glacial bowl in the Alps, on the Italian side of the Matterhorn.

A memorable relaxing, meditating and hiking journey that includes:
  • Cost: $ 1399 / 1008 (Euro) • Airfare NOT included
  • Early Bird Special: $150 discount if paid in full by April 11, 2008.
  • 10 nights Lodging
  • 3 Delicious fresh Northern Italian Meals a day
  • Round trip Ground transportation from Milan Airport
Yoga activities:
  • Daily Morning Asana Practice
  • Evening stretching, meditations and reflections
  • Meditating and hiking
  • Walking in the majestic Italian Alps
  • Learning the story of the Cosmos through Yogagaia
  • International Student Base
  • Two experienced and fun teachers !
Meditating and hiking – About the teachers:

David Lurey has been teaching Mindful Spirited Vinyasa Yoga since 2000 and brings postural integrity, fluid movement and an open heart to the practice. He leads workshops and retreats worldwide and is in a constant state of reconnection to his natural roots.

Hasita has been teaching Kripalu yoga since 1994 for adults and children. She is a geologist and a biologist and has created Yogagaia which reconnects our life to the life of the planet. Hasita has been meditating and hiking, roaming and walking the Alps for 55 years and has organized trips and led hikes in the Cheneil area.

Meditating and hiking - Cheneil - YogagaiaMeditating and hiking – The touristic aspects of the retreat

The days in Cheneil will be woven together by yoga, meditation and hiking, walking, breathing, eating, playing and celebrating. There will be some guided time for landscape painting in the mountains, emphasizing process over product. No former training is necessary to enjoy “deep seeing”, a meditation that helps us be more present observers and chroniclers of the world we are so much part of, and is a part of us. Walking in the mountains and exploring inside ourselves will be the core activities. We will surrender to the alpine weather which will determine our daily programs. We will explore the wild alpine flowers and their ecosystems. We will charge our systems with oxygen, which after two weeks will be maintained in our body for at least one year.

These mountains have many stories to tell us about their origin and evolution through millions of years. They harbor many human dramas as well. One of these, the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, is a human drama with heroes and victims (I will tell the story for an evening event). We will be in contact with the inhabitants of Cheneil and get to know their lovely families, and all their pets, including horses. The homemade food is exquisite Northern Italian Cuisine.

Brochure – english
Brochure – Italian

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