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Earth, Yogagaia and Green Yoga Association – Practice lightly on the Earth,
May 2007 at Mount Madonna Center, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Earth care meditation, conscious ecology yoga will be the thematic of Yogagaia, jointly with Green Yoga Association through the workshops they will be giving at Mount Madonna Center, may 14th, 2007.

Mount Madonna Center, where the Temple is located, is an intentional community established in 1978, which has about 80 residents who are all volunteers. It is also home to a retreat and conference center hosting programs in yoga, spiritual development, and wellness, as well as personal retreats and daily yoga classes. It is also the site of Mount Madonna School, a fully accredited K-12 private school with some 200 children, and the Mount Madonna Institute, a post-secondary college offering degrees in Yoga, Ayurveda and Community Studies.

Mount Madonna Center has always been a sacred space, from the early Native American Ohlone days to the Italian stone masons who saw the apparition of the Madonna in the forest. It’s a place of natural magic and power and a place of personal transformation where people can find their authentic selves through practice, study, community, and service.

Earth Care:

Mount Madonna Center’s Sustainability Council works to align the daily operations of the Center with the practice of ahimsa (non-violence) and our deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

They enact values of stewardship and earth care through:

• Reducing water consumption through education, innovative tools, and infrastructure
• Utilizing solar energy to supply more than 50% of the Center’s energy needs
• Reducing solid waste by recycling, composting, education and mindful consumption
• Implementing best practices for recycling, energy efficiency, and water conservation
• Purchasing locally grown, organic food, whenever possible

Join us for a magnificient and memorable journey.
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