First Green Yoga Conference

Green Yoga - YogagaiaFirst Green Yoga Conference • Pema Osel Ling Monastery

 Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Green Yoga:

What could Green Yoga be ? Well, seems like everything can be green does days right ? It would be great. It would be great if it would be really green, like in the mindset.

Yogagaia is greener than green for so much. It is the practice of yoga and meditation interlinked with ecology and the planet earth, the yoga of earth. It focuses on awakening ourselves and the others as far as how we are grounded to the planet. It is the practice of yoga with our mind, our body and our spirit focused on the natural energy surrounding us. Having in mind that we are all made of star dust, that we are all made of the stuff that form the universe and the cosmos, that we are all part of this evolution deeply connected to the evolution of the planet earth, Yogagaia carries a way of thinking, a philosophy that integrates in our life style as a way of being that benefits everyone around us, including ourselves. In the same fashion we transcend time, Yogagaia does also. It is an organic movement aimed at unifying the people around nature and planet earth: Gaia.

Yoga is aiming at positively changing our way of life and our relationships to each other. Yogagaia is the practice of Ahimsa with a consciousness that perceives that everything is connected, that every action has an effect and has us connecting to our place in and among the plants and creatures on the earth and the very substance of our planet. And thinking green is approaching all of our surrounding with a deep consciousness, a mindset embeded in our reflexes, in our life habits like the respect of others, of our ecosystem.

So how about Green Yoga ? Think about Green Yoga as a match between Yoga, Yogagaia and thinking Green. Think about a successsful conference given by Hasita Nadai through 4 Yogagaia workshops that were given on September 16 -19 , 2005
 Pema Osel Ling Monastery

 Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Received with great joy, many expressed the wish to have more Yogagaia sessions for children and adults. This can be repeated at wish by contacting Hasita at any moment.

Green Yoga COnference - Yogagaia

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