Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, Italy, 2018

Yoga and nature immersion

Picture of a beach, Sant'Antioco, Sardinia, Italy, Yoga and nature immersion:
Brahmani & Hasita invite you to join us for Yogagaia:
Yoga and nature immersion by the Italian Sea, Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, Italy
August 26 – September 2, 2018

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Ecology Yoga, Nature Yoga Teaching and Training – Yogagaia

Ecology Yoga, Nature Yoga Teaching and Training – Yogagaia
Yogagaia workshop, ecology yoga, earth

Ecology Yoga, deepen intimacy with ourselves and Earth • September 23 – October 1, 2016

This yoga teacher training is for yoga teachers and others who would like to bring forth an ecological perspective to teaching, facilitation, and other forms of leadership, as well as those who simply want to deepen their experience of ecology of yoga. Read more

Mystical exploration – Let There be Light – Yogagaia and Vital Movement

Mystical Exploration – Let there be light
Mystical exploration, Let there be light, Yogagaia
Mystical Exploration, Feb 09, 2014  • The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health

In the beginning of the beginning there was Light. The identity of this mystical cosmic light has fascinated throughout time. Some see it as a primordial urge in the universe that moves us along towards greater consciousness. Others see it as an endless light that fires creation and creativity while various people see it as the Big Bang. We stand now on the edge of old mystical exploration of paradigms and on the brink of new ones. Read more